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DataStarter: Bridging Bold Innovators
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Pioneering Web3 innovation, DataStarter is your launchpad to success. We spark trailblazers and cultivate a community eager to break boundaries in data, IoT, AI, and connectivity.

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Funding with Impact

ISO reinvents capital contributors as crucial network players. With DataStarter, you secure not only investors but champions for your project. We deliver beyond funding - an engaged, knowledgeable community committed to your success.

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Trust, but Verify

DataStarter is your beacon of trust amid a sea of potential. With a strict focus on launching handpicked Web3 startups through rigorous vetting process, we create verified and trusted paths to top-tier, high-integrity projects.

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Increased Exposure

ISO projects that have succeeded on DataStarter shine on AXS, our mobile app connecting with over 100,000 active users. This is where post-launch growth skyrockets. DataStarter is your ticket to this explosive trajectory.

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Zero Fee

DataStarter is a zero-revenue venture, fully backed by MXC Foundation and partners. We disrupt the Web3 launchpad scene with an unprecedented zero-fee model - no hidden costs, you retain all raised capital. Our commitment? Empowering builders and innovators, free of strings.

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ISO Grant

Web3 development can be costly. DataStarter fully subsidizes contract deployment fees on Arbitrum and MXC zkEVM via our ISO Grant. We absorb gas fees and related costs, enabling a solid financial start for early-stage innovators.

The premier showcase: ISO

The Initial Sensor Offering (ISO)

New pioneering solution for Web3 startups seeking both capital and global exposure.
ISO revolutionizes your token launch, fueling innovative, purpose-led projects and rewarding dedicated participants.

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Bootstrapping utility & liquidity

ISO grants instant access to plug-in solutions from staking to mining for Web3 startups. With seamless integration to AXS app, our 100k+ user community fuels your project's ascent. Ready to skyrocket?

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GO beyond


Your Project, Now Mobile

Projects flourishing through DataStarter's ISO seamlessly merge with our AXS app, open to iOS and Android users. Globally available with 100,000+ active users, AXS mobilizes your project, ensuring on-the-go engagement for even the busiest contributors.

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What we do

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For contributors

Experience exclusive access to project tokens and get first-in-line privileges for staking, bonding, and mining tools.

supported by
MXC foundation

MXC Foundation revolutionizes blockchain and IoT, empowering innovation and secure data transmissions. Supporting promising projects and incentivizing participation, MXC drives adoption and accelerates growth.


Everything you need to know about the ISO and how can we help you grow your startup.

Is it really zero fee?

Absolutely. DataStarter does not take any commission from the fundraisers. This is possible thanks to the full sponsorship of MXC Foundation and its partners. We believe that the pioneers in Web3 need all the help that they can get, and DataStarter is determined to help in any way possible.

What chains do you support?

Currently, we support 2 chains - Arbitrum and MXC zkEVM. Other EVM-compatible chains are welcome to apply, however priority will be given to those who are building on these 2 chains.

I want to apply for ISO. What next?

Once you fill in the application, the review process will begin. The review process is composed of 3 parts - initial screening, deep dive, and an interview. Upon the completion of the review process, successful applicants will be conatcted for further collaboration.