For contributors

Be an Early Supporter

Participate in DataStarter's ISO for early access to promising projects. As early backers, benefit from priority access to tokens and essential staking, bonding, and mining tools.

Selection with Purpose

DataStarter values trust and purpose. We rigorously assess each application and assign a case manager for successful ISO launches. Only projects impacting the Web3, IoT, and data industry meet our exacting standards.

Benefits in Mining

Successful ISOs on DataStarter assure AXS listing and mining by MXC network users. ISO contributors get a mining head-start, bypassing secondary market reliance.

Seamless Flexibility

Forget asset-swapping for early-stage offers. DataStarter's ISO offers a multi-currency model for effortless participation

Explore the Marketplace

Beyond tokens, find diverse deals and Web3 tech at DataStarter Marketplace. Your one-stop hub for effortless crypto mining and meaningful network contributions.